Barbados Surf Map

Top 10 Surf Spots In Barbados

  1. Soup Bowl -Experienced Surfers  Only
  2. Brandens  -Experienced / Intermediate
  3. South point -Experienced / Intermediate
  4. Salt Ash Dover -Intermediate / Beginner
  5. Freights Bay -Intermediate / Beginner
  6. High Rock -Experienced
  7. Parlour -Experienced
  8. Sand bank -Experienced
  9. Thunder -Experienced / Intermediate
  10. Pebbles -Beginner


Barbados Surfing guide offers everything you would want to know about Surfing in Barbados the top 10 surf spots listed above are chosen based on wave quality and consistency, the breaks on the west coast are not listed because you can go for a full year and have no waves on the west. The Barbados Surf Guide makes it easy for you to make important  travel decisions on your Surfing Vacation to Barbados. The Barbados Surf Map overview provides basic knowledge about Surfing In Barbados. Other Useful knowledge about each break is provided in the Barbados Surf Map, along with tips on the best swells, winds and tides.

Barrys Surf School

Salt Ash Dover

If you need a Surf School in Barbados or shop during your Surf Vacation, Barbados Surfing guide includes a list of the Best Surf Schools in Barbados and shops.The Barbados Surf guide includes Surfing tips and the Barbados Surf Map along with other useful information to help you have the best experience possible in Barbados.

We hope Barbados Surfing  guide will put you in the right place at the right time, and help you get the most enjoyment possible out of your Surf Vacation in Barbados.

South Point Barbados

South Point Barbados


Barbados is that lonely island to the East of the Caribbean chain, all by herself with no nearby neighbors around, and conveniently in the path of the Atlantic Ocean’s Open Water swells. Barbados is 1,600 miles from Miami or 31/2 hrs flight and San Juan Puerto Rico is 570 miles to the north.


Winter December to May this is the most Consistent time of year for Southern and Northern swells coming in from the Atlantic. Breaks like South Point, Freights Bay and Brandens really go off at this time of year. Soup Bowl is also really consistent all year so anytime is a good time. Hurricane season is also a great to time visit; August through November is the most consistent period for the East Coast of Barbados and the fabled Soup Bowl in Bathsheba. The best way to Score great waves at Soup Bowl is if you see a promising hurricane forming off Africa, then pack your bags and jump on a flight, because Barbados will be getting hammered with Swells which make Soup Bowl on the east coast of the island light up.

Soup Bowl Barbados

Soup Bowl Barbados


Many Caribbean islands have beaches, but where Barbados differs is what lies behind the surf and sand. No matter your budget, you can find a Place to Stay that suits your style. But it’s really the super friendly locals that set Barbados apart from the rest. If you are a seasoned traveler you would know it’s not really how beautiful a place is, it’s about the people you meet along the way and in Barbados we have both.


When it comes to looking for a place to stay in Barbados sometimes the options can seem endless form luxury Hotels and Villas to Budget guest Houses and apartments the list is long. The best way to decipher where to stay would be to know your budget and work a Car Rental in to the mix. This way you can not only stay where you can afford, but get the best out of your holiday by seeing all the island has to offer and not be stuck in one place for too long. Staying on the South Coast is usually a good idea because you can get to the supermarket, bank and restaurants easily and it’s only a 30 min drive over to the East Coast where the waves are big and the landscape is wild and beautiful.

Cotton House Map

Place To Stay


 On Friday night Oistins is the place to be with music great food and it’s as casual and you can get. Pats Place in Oistin is a personal favorite and  they are open everynight so if you want to stay away from the crowd, Wednesdays nights are good. Cuz fish Shack at Pebbles in Carlisle Bay is also a must for lunch and they have no menu so know before you go( Fish, Egg or Cheese J) . Crave in St. Lawrence Gap is a great spot for dinner and I can’t really go into detail on all the spots just know they are many.


In the winter Months Dec / May the breaks can become more busy but not all that crowed. In the mornings early you would probably find the main breaks with only a few guys out but by 9:00am it usually starts to fill in. The midday sessions are usually the least crowded and the afternoon sessions are packed after school and work everyone is on it as to be expected .Weekends are also more crowded but if you’re here on vacation Monday you’re not at work .

barry surf lesson 140

South Coast Sunset


 Bring a high-performance board or two, Extra fins, a ding repair kit and warm water wax. Trunks would be all you need definitely bring your snorkeling gear and the best Sunscreen money can buy, here in Barbados you can Surf All Day and the mid day sessions will cook you if you don’t have on good sunscreen.


There’s definitely a laid-back vibe here; after all, this is the birthplace of Mount Gay Rum. Kick back on a warm White Sand Beach or Go Rent a Car and see the Amazing Island There is Deep Sea Fishing, Diving, Sailing, Caves, Zip lining and so much more to do you will be Stoked!